Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day 2006

Set up this Blog back in September 2005, but I need to get it going for real so I decided to set aside some time on the 4th to do it.

Here is a great picture from about 3 years ago, when the U.S.S. Lincoln came back to Homeport Everett, and our fire department (City of Everett, WA) set up our two new ladder trucks with the flag hanging between the extended aerials.


Decided to do a Press-based workout today. Need to add some grinding lifts with some heavier KBs to my usual training, which has lately consisted of using light/medium sized KBs for high reps.

Double KB Military Press 53s/5 reps, 62s/5 reps, 70s/5 reps
Bodyweight Pull Ups (230#/5 reps) Overhand grip
Single KB Military Press 80#KB 5 reps R, 5 reps L. 88#KB 3 R, 3 L.
Bodyweight Pull Ups (230#/5 reps) Underhand grip
Double KB Military Press 70s/9 reps, 62s/6 reps, 53s/6reps
Bodyweight Pull Ups (230#/5 reps) Overhand grip

Done in 15 minutes. Did a set about every minute.

Finished with 5 minutes of 2 hand swings with a 88# KB, swung to eye level.
15 reps/ 10 reps/ 15 reps/ 10 reps/ 15 reps.

Nice short workout. Ready for duty tomorrow at EFD Station 1, driving Engine 3.


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