Thursday, July 06, 2006

High Rep KB Bottoms Up Cleans

One of the great exercises you can do with a KB is a Bottoms Up Clean. It's great for learning how to tuck in your elbow tight to your ribs, thereby creating a solid shelf to begin your pressing from. It's also great for building up your wrist strength.

I've done 3 reps of the BUC in a row with a 32kg KB, but today I wanted to do some higher rep work with the 16kg KB. Just worked a 24hr shift yesterday, and I'm working one tomorrow, so I needed to just break a good sweat.

Started of with some clean pulls and high pulls as a warm up. Then some jerks and presses. The main body of my workout was snatches, done is sets of 15-25 each hand.

Finished with the BUCs. When I do them, I hold it in the clean position for a 2-count, squeezing the handle hard. Did 25 reps each side, then 23, then 21. By the end of each set, a nice tightness built up in my forearms.

Now I know that the "usual" advice is to only do BU cleans and/or presses for low reps. But as a fireman, I need to build up strength-endurance in my grip. Farmer's Walks and hanging from a pull up bar work great for static holds, but BUCs add a great ballistic dimension to building grip endurance.


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