Thursday, October 19, 2006

Just received new Competition KBs... AWESOME!!

I've been doing KBs for over 4 years now and have competed in a few local KB Competitions. I attended Valery Fedorenko's Girevoy Sport Technique Seminar in Seattle earlier this year. Learned a lot about GS training and Technique and kind of "re-caught" the KB bug!

After working out with a friend's set of Valery's KBs, I started to set aside some money to get some. When the sale came up at the end of last month, I had to take advantage of it. Bought a 24kg and a 32kg, which arrived yesterday. I must say, the KBs were packed the best I've even seen. They came in a wooden box! After grabbing a hammer and prying the first box open, I grabbed the camera and took a few pics of the "event"!

These bells are just awesome! Size-wise, they are right between the Dragondoor 32kg and 40kg. The handles are slightly smaller, and narrower, but a bit taller. They fit my forearm perfectly, resting just right, not hitting my wrist bone at all. They seem to just "lock" into place when snatching and cleaning. After getting both of them out of their boxes, it was time for a short workout [been fighting a cold the last few days].

After a warm-up, did 1 arm LCC&Js with the 32kg, 5 reps right then 5 left, then rest 1 minute [10 rounds]. Then did sets of 10R+10L snatches with the 24, 1 minute rest [5 rounds]. Did a couple of sets of C&Js with my Dragondoor 40kg, then finished with a few more sets with the Comp 32.

I am going to start slowly building up a base of conditioning so I can compete with the 24kg Comp bell. I am going to do lots of swings and high pulls with the 32, but I don't see myself competing with it. If I was 31 yo, not 41, it would be a whole diferent story!

Thanks to Valery Fedorenko and Eric Liford at the American Kettlebell Club for making such an awesome product!

If you are interested in buying Competition KBs contact these guys by going to

and sign up for their newsletter.


Blogger markrif said...

that looks like a beauty Tom. have fun with the new toya nd glad you are updating your blog again.

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