Thursday, March 22, 2007

Jerk Day + swings and snatches

[ the picture above shows my Rack form, which needs some improvement if I'm going to be able to put up bigger numbers. I need more flexibility in my traps and shoulders so I can get my elbows closer together and my forearms more perpendicular to the ground. ]

Did a 25 minute set at the Fire Station yesterday as I was called in to work a 24 hour overtime shift on Ladder One at the big Downtown station. Wanted to break a sweat but stay fresh, so I just did some moderate rep (10-20) work of 1 arm LCC&Js with the 53# and 70# KB, mixed in with some 1 and 2 arm swings and some snatching.

Today I decided to do a more Jerk focused workout. Did about 20 minutes of Jerks, working from the 35#, then the 44#, then the 53#, then the 70# and finally ending with the 53#. Also three in some push presses with the 53#. Not a real strenuous workout, but working technique with 1 arm on the rack and practicing how to Rack more comfortably. Probably need to see my Rolfer soon, so he can work my traps over with his elbows! All the years of Benching (with Bodybuilding sets and reps) has given me a larger than average chest which is a disadvantage when trying to hold two heavy KBs in the Rack position.

Then I moved on to some swings with the 70# KB. Did a set of 15 R + 15 L, then two sets of two handed swings, really focusing on hinging at the hip and using optimal glute power to get the bell well over my head for some high reps sets. Did 33 reps then 25. Back felt good. I want to be able to do multiple sets of 50 rep two handed swings with minimal rest, just for general conditioning.

Finished with a 6 minute Snatch set with the 35# kb, going 50 reps right, then 50 reps left (about a 16-17 rpm pace). While I will be focusing on the LCC&J, I think I'm going to continue doing high rep snatch work with the 35# kb. Sometimes I'll use a one-hand-switch-only format, and other times I'll switch every 20-25 reps and try and go for 15-20+ minutes at a quick pace.


Blogger Rob O'Brien said...


Love your site! I share your passion to throw the iron around.



1:47 PM  
Blogger Fireman Tom said...

Thanks Rob!

I've been doing KBs for over 5 years now and show no signs of recovery from KB Fever... In fact, after working with Valery Fedorenko, my interest in GS has re-ignited and I'm going to compete again.


8:02 PM  
Blogger Rob O'Brien said...

I agree. I have been training with kb's for alomst 4 years but have really into them for the last year. I am going to the American Kettlebell Club cert in April and RKC in June. I hsve done two GS events but snatch only. I have some work to do on my C & J form. I will get there soon. Looking forward to reading your blog!



4:49 AM  

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