Sunday, April 15, 2007

Drop Set LC Hell....

[ the picture above is of a gym in Latvia, near where the 2006 Kettlebell Sport World Championships were held.]

Did a drop set of Long Cycle Clean and Jerks, which is doing the LC with a pair of heavier KBs, then going a bit lighter, then a bit lighter. This method of training for KBs is outlined in the original KB book by Pavel, The Russian Kettlebell Challenge.

Warm up with 1 arm C&Js with 35#, 44# and 53# KBs, 5-10 reps a hand.

2-53# KBs 2 minutes, 20 reps
2 -44# KBs 2 minutes, 20 reps
2-35# KBs 2 minutes, 24 reps

6 minutes of Hell. Tried to go as fast as form allowed.

Took a 4 minute break, then I did multiple sets of Six Guns (partial Cleans) with a pair of 53# KBs (20-25 reps).

Finished with some Farmer's walks with the 53# KBs. Did some overhead Holds and Rack holds as well as Outside low swings with the 53# KBs to work my grip.

The workout was about 25 minutes. Did a 20 minute workout yesterday and recovered well from it. I'm continuing to keep my workouts short and sweet. I seem to recover better, and am able to train 5-6 days a week this way. Will bring my 70# KB Comp KB to work tomorrow and do some 1 arm Jerks, swing and LC work.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

2 PRs in two days

[ Just about to do a 1 armed Jerk with a 70#/32kg KB in the photo above. ]

Yesterday did a 2 minute set of LCC&Js with the 70#/32kg KBs. Previous best was 15 in about 1:30, which left me quite spent. Paced myself better and did 9 reps a minute, so I ended up with 18 reps. Aboout a 90% effort. If it was a contest, I would have been able to go 3 or four more reps. Very humbling to think of the best GS competitors going the full 10 minutes and doing 80-95 reps... Did another 2 minute set with a pair of 53#/24kg KBs, and a pair of 44#/20kg KBs. Did some 1 arm LCC&Js with the 53#/24kg KB to end up the session. Back felt a bit tight and fautigued.

Today I did a posted KB challenge of doing Jerks with two 35#/16kg KBs for 5 minutes. Ended up with 102. Had to put KBs down for about 10 seconds half-way through due to some back stiffness (probably due to the fautigue of yesterday's LCC&J workout. Did some 1 arm Jerks and swings with a 70#/32kg KB after a short rest. Needed it, as my HR was quite high after my 5 minute Jerk test.