Tuesday, October 23, 2007

KB Sport Technique Workshops on Nov 11th and 18th

I will be putting on two KB Sport technique workshops on Nov. 11th (at Level 4 CrossFit, on Leary Way) and on Nov. 18th (at NWCrossFit, near Green Lake). There will be two different workshops each day; the first will be from 10am to 1 pm., and the second will be from 2pm to 5 pm.

NOTE: while there are Seattle Seahawks football games on both days, both games start around 5:30pm.

I will be covering the KB Sport Swing, Clean, Press, Push Press, Jerk, Snatch and Long Cycle Clean and Jerk. I will also cover information on training for fitness as well as progressions for competition.

All these techniques work great for not only competitive KB lifting, but also for endurance and strength endeavors. The fitness benefits obtained from high rep KB lifting are enhanced by using techniques that are easier on your joints and callouses, but push your strength-endurance to a new level.

Please send me an email at kbfiremantom AT yahoo.com , and I can send you more detailed information, and a flyer for the event.


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