Monday, May 14, 2007

Some recent training

[ Above is a row of KBs, from 26# to 88#.]

Have been overloaded as of late with professional dealings and personal matters, but here's some KB training sessions I've done to get back in the "swing" of training.

Snatch Only workout
Warm up with 12 and 16kg kbs (26# and 35#)
6 minute Set with 44#/20kg KB (3 R/3L)
-- 16 RPM Pace, 48 R and 48 L.
Rest 4 minutes.
6 minute Set with 35#/16kg KB (3 R/3 L)
--- 20 RPM Pace, 60 R and 60L.


1 Arm LCC&J Only workout
10 minute warm up with KBs, 35# to 53#, mix of 5-10 rep sets.
10 minutes with 53#/24kg KB (didn't put down) 3R, 3L,2R, 2L.
--- 8 RPM Pace, 40 R and 40 L.
Rest 5 minutes.
10 minutes with 44#/20kg KB (didn't put down) 5 R then 5 L.
--- 10 RPM Pace, 50 R and 50 L.



Variety workout while out-of-town.
25 minutes cleans, jerks, snatches and long cycle.
35#/16kg and 53#/24kg KB.
Sets of 10-25 reps with minimal rest.



LCC&J only workout
Two 35#/16kg KBs
5 minute set, 10 RPM Pace, 50 reps.
rest 5 minutes
5 minute set, 10 PRM Pace, 50 reps.


I will be slowly (and safely) building up my reps, time, pace and volume with te Long Cycle Clean and Jerk of two KBs, which I am still planning on competing with in November. Doing it with a pair of 70# KBs is quite an endeavor, so it will take patience and persistence in my training. It would be very easy to hurt myself by going too hard, too soon.


Blogger JR42 said...

Tom, I'm a Renton Firefighter just introduced to KB's by a guy over in Wenatchee. I think they are exactly what we need in the Fire Service. I would love to talk to you sometime. -Jeff

11:51 AM  
Blogger Fireman Tom said...


email me at kbfiremantom @

and/or call me at 206-6-4-5588.

I look forward to talking with you!


p.s. who was the guy over in Wenatchee?

8:27 PM  

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